Travel Lite RV – EVOKE

Welcome, EVOKE to the Travel Lite RV family of inspired RVs. The EVOKE has private jet-inspired interiors wrapped in sleek and stealthy exteriors.

Evoke set the bar high for the first trailer to be unveiled at Open House. The trailer bears little resemblance to anything on the market. From the three matte exterior

finishes to the curved interior cabinetry and exclusive Duralux vinyl flooring

and true king-size bed, Evoke can easily be called the travel trailer for the next generation of Recreational Vehicles.

EVOKE Travel Trailers – Standard Features

Travel Lite RV builds integrity into our EVOKEs by using some of the highest-grade materials on the market. Unlike many of our competitors, we want to ensure that your travel trailer looks and functions like it did from the factory years beyond your purchase. We are able to achieve this because Travel Lite RV is a company that focuses on integrity and innovation rather than a quick profit. Some of our key features are:

  • Lippert Equa-Flex Suspension: The Equa-Flex suspension is one of the best values on the road when it comes to trailer tow-ability and damage prevention. This standard option helps eliminate cargo damage caused by road shock and provides a safer tow through stability and predictability.

  • 18” Powder Coated Rims: Rims have the power to enhance or detract from the presence you have on the road. We powder coat our rims to ensure they remain durable while also giving the premium look you expect from Travel Lite RV.

  • Tires: Travel Lite RV prides ourselves on using premium tires. After all, they are the only thing making contact with the road or trail. We want to make sure that you get to your destination safely, so we spare no expense and use Michelin tires. We want to ensure that your EVOKE has excellent traction and wide axels so if you have to make quick decisions, the EVOKE stays in your control.

  • LCI Slim Rack: It’s easy for our competition to get away with providing cheap slide-outs because they function fine at the factory, demonstrations, and on the lot. But failure often happens when the unit is past warranty due to consistently overloading the rack and motor. Our engineers understand the difference of having a slide out that works from the factory and having a slide-out system capable of withstanding abuse. We choose to use the LCI Slim Rack because it has been tested and can reliably handle many years of camping. 

  • Electric Jack: On every EVOKE Travel Trailer, we provide an electric trailer jack. We understand that the last thing you want to do after a long road trip is to set up camp. We provide an electric jack for you to help make your setup easier, so you can worry less.

  • Gel Coated exterior: Travel Lite RVs high gloss gel coated exterior ensures that your EVOKE remains looking like new. We care about how your EVOKE is going to look beyond your warranty so we use gel coats on all our gloss units to ensure that you can remain proud of your investments presence wherever you take it.

  • Rear diffuser: Through our company philosophy of being transparent and enthusiastic about customer desires, we designed our famous Travel Lite RV rear diffuser. Our customers desire and expect the best looking and pulling trailers and with our diffuser, we can accomplish both missions. It is designed to be visually appealing and help eliminate drag, so you can get better fuel mileage while having the confidence that your EVOKE can pull just as good as it looks. 

  • Smart Awning: We understand that the setup and tear down process can be tedious, and sometimes intimidating. Let us help you with our Smart Awning System. Another great feature of our Smart Awning Systems is its Built-in LED lighting and its wind sensor. If the sensor recognizes that it is getting too windy, the awning will automatically retract for you.

  • LED accent Lighting: Travel Lite RV spares no expense at making sure your living space has brilliant lighting. Our engineers wanted to take lighting to the next level by exceeding industry standards and employing multi-color LED accent lighting. This technology allows customers to set whatever atmosphere they want to create.

  • Solar Panel Hook-up: Travel Lite RV goes green by offering solar panel capabilities in every EVOKE. Our engineers understand the importance of renewable energy, and the ability to run electricity even if you are out where there are no power hookups available.

  • External Power Outlets: We offer external power outlets so you have the capability to take the party outside. We include power outlets on each side of the EVOKE to make sure that wherever you need power, you are covered.

  • Satellite and Cable Connection: We understand that some of our customers prefer satellite connection while others prefer cable. We offer both so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of setting up something you don’t want, just because you want to watch TV.

  • Exterior LED Lighting: At Travel light, we use LEDs for all of the exterior lightings of the EVOKE. Our LEDs last longer and they look better than traditional lighting. From our LED billet lighting in the diffuser to our glowing blue stairs, our EVOKE will turn heads wherever you are.

  • Fireplace: Our fireplace provides a comforting view and warmth of a fire with the perfect touch of technology. Provided in and around the fireplace are LED lights to give you the comfort of luxury wherever you are.

  • Storage: Because of our focus on function and innovation, we made sure to include plenty of storage in your EVOKE. In our large passthrough storage and our slide out storage compartments, we have included our extra strong and easy to clean Infinity Woven Vinyl Flooring to ensure that your EVOKE stays looking like new.

  • Infinity Woven Vinyl Flooring: We use some of the best floorings in the industry by implementing our marine grade, luxury vinyl flooring. It is both water and scratch resistant. This means that when you drop a fork, pan, or camping equipment, your floor won’t scratch. Travel Lite RV uses the best flooring because it’s the surface that takes the most abuse and our engineers understand that. 

  • Furrion is considered a pioneer of RV technology. With their innovation center and institute of technology located in Elkhart, Indiana, they are only a short drive away from Travel Lite Headquarters ensuring constant communication and the ability to adapt the newest technology in the fastest, most reliable way possible.

    • Microwave: Included in each EVOKE is Furrions stainless steel 900W, 0.9 Cubic Foot microwave oven.

    • Furrion stove/oven: Our EVOKEs offer a 3-burner setup with the left and right burners having a 6,500 BTU output while the front, the main burner offers 8,000. The Furrion oven has a 7100 BTU output.

    • Range Hood: Furrion’s stainless steel range hood serves its role perfectly in our EVOKE. Its finish matches the rest of the kitchen décor while providing a powerful 12V fan and a removable air filter to help remove odors.

    • Radio: Provided in each EVOKE is the Furrion DV3100 series entertainment system. It offers a total of 160 Watts with dual zone and Bluetooth capabilities, to help set the mood for your camping experience.

    • 40” LED TV: The Furrion 40” LED 1080p TV is the perfect fit for the EVOKE as it has Satellite connectivity ports along with VGA connections, and multiple HDMI ports.

  • Dometic has been manufacturing leisure appliances since the late  1960’s They continue to forge strong paths in the appliance market. We use Dometic products because they have a proven record of making innovative, reliable products. 

  • Refrigerator: The Americana Double Door Refrigerator is among the best for the RV industry. This unit automatically controls the cooling based on surrounding ambient temperatures to give you fewer things to worry about.

  • Granicote Countertops/Tables: We build our countertops and tables using Granicote because we want your space looking great for years to come. Granicote is seamless, lightweight, and warp resistant; making certain that your EVOKE stays looking great for a long time. This material highlights the rest of the décor and looks great when lit up by our LED interior lights.

  • Oak Whitewash wood: To emphasize our luxury designs, we use simple, yet sophisticated color schemes. A big reason for the modern and homey feel in our EVOKE Travel Trailers is due to our Oak Whitewash interiors. Our whitewashed oak highlight the stainless-steel appliances and they look brilliant when lit by our LED lights.

  • USB Charge ports: As cellphones continually evolve, so does the way we charge them. You can leave your charging block at home knowing that you have the luxury of multiple USB charging locations.

  • LED-accented mirror medicine cabinet: Once your visitors’ step into our carefully crafted bathroom they will not be able to dismiss the LED-accented medicine cabinet as it lights up the wall, and is activated by its smart touch power control module. This Medicine cabinet offers great lighting for getting ready as the light is directed head-on rather than bulbs that beam down on you 

  • Curved Overhead Cabinet Doors: these elegant and ultra-modern, curved cabinet doors will help give you and your guests the feeling of being in something more special than the average RV. Our cabinet drawers also offer slow-close technology to ensure the protection of your cabinets and personal products. 

  • 100# Ball Bearing Drawer Guides: We design our RV’s in a way that will ensure you get a long life out of it. Along with our slow-close technology, our 100# Ball Bering drawer guides are smooth and strong to ensure the protection of your personal belongings.

  • Authentically stitched seats: We understand what it takes to be different. This is why we include authentically stitched seats in every EVOKE. We sew each seat because we want you to be able to take pride in owning your EVOKE.

  • Our single handle brushed nickel kitchen faucet looks great with our stainless steel Furrion appliances and glows brilliantly with our accented LED lighting. We want to make sure that your cleaning process is easy for even the biggest pots and pans because you bought your EVOKE for luxurious outdoor living, not to spend unnecessary time cleaning.

  • 76” x 80” True Residential King Bed: Our comfortable king bed helps provide you with the comfort you would expect from the EVOKE travel trailer. Underneath is a big storage compartment to help keep your trailer looking tidy and luxurious.