Do I Need to Winterize My Travel Lite RV? The Answer is Yes.

You’re the new proud owner of a Travel Lite RV and while for some of you, camping season is year-round, for others – the season ends when the first freeze comes.

For those of you who live in our colder climates, it’s important to winterize your RV to avoid maintenance issues come spring (or whenever your camping season restarts). 

Here are 4 Good Reasons to Winterize Your New RV

  1. Winterization Helps Avoid Water Line Damage Due to Freezes
    If you leave water in the pipes of your RV during winter and it freezes, you could be looking at big trouble, and not to mention costly repairs. That’s why it’s necessary to go through the proper draining of all fluids and to use special RV antifreeze.
  2. You Can Preserve the Life of Your Battery
    Leaving your RV battery out in the cold is never a good idea. The battery will freeze if it discharges too much. The best way to ensure your battery will not be damaged is by removing any battery and keeping it in a separate place.
  3. Avoid Furry Creatures that Can Cause Damage
    It’s important to shield the exterior to protect your interior from any unwanted four-legged creatures. You must properly seal your camper and get rid of all food and trash to avoid an unwanted surprise come spring.
  4. Prevent Tire Damage
    The cold weather can cause damage to your tires if you don’t take preventative action. Proper inflation, removing weight from inside your RV, and lifting it slightly for greater weight reduction can help minimize any adverse effects.

Not sure where to start? Check out one of our Travel Lite RV Dealers – many of them offer winterization, de-winterization and maintenance packages to help you preserve the life of your RV.