The Benefits of Truck Campers & Lightweight Trailers

Nowadays, there are so many different RVs and campers to choose from on the market that makes it hard for both avid and novice campers alike to find what exactly they’re looking for – luckily, Travel Lite RV offers the best of both worlds with a multitude of different Truck Camper and Lightweight Trailer models to take on any adventure. Check out the big benefits of truck campers and lightweight trailers below!

Compact Builds Allow Access to Any Adventure
Our models are some of the most versatile on the market. With Travel Lite RV’s truck campers and lightweight trailers, you can venture to spots only found off the beaten path and conveniently camp or boondock in smaller spaces.

When you’re not taking the path less traveled, our campers can fit and be parked in a residential driveway, rather than struggling to find street parking or costly storage solutions. It can sit simply in your driveway while you map out your next destination.

Bigger Doesn’t Always Mean Better
Our truck campers and lightweight trailers offer a lot of the same conveniences found in motorhomes and RV’s without the weight; such as spacious, yet efficient, floorplans, complete kitchenettes, full bath and bed options, and more.

Travel Without the Hefty Price Tag
Essentially, all of our models are categorized as cargo and not even counted as an RV in most states. It can often be cheaper in the aspect that 42 of the 50 states classify truck campers as cargo rather than RV’s. This means that there are no registration fees and very low insurance rates. Not to mention, truck campers and lightweight trailers are considerably cheaper to maintain than other RV’s and campers. The maintenance done is usually quite simple as it leans more towards fixing a truck than fixing a recreational vehicle.

Don’t forget about the great depreciation value. Unlike other RV’s and campers, if you ever look into resale, you can get closer to the original price paid back. A truck camper holds on to its value incredibly well, especially if taken care of properly.

Stress Less and Explore More
Our models mimic driving a large truck at most and are far less intimidating to drive than a massive fifth wheel, RV, or motorhome. This makes it nice for newer campers, and people that prefer to stay low profile on the road. This saves you from being annoyed, others being annoyed, and unnecessary frustration or stress.

Ready to take on the paths less traveled? Check out one of our Travel Lite RV Dealers to explore the different Truck Camper and Lightweight Trailer models we offer – each made to make the most of every exploration.